CENTREVILLE — Claire Parker, a junior at Queen Anne’s County High School, is the Visual Arts Teen of the Week for her outstanding contributions to the QACHS Visual Arts Program. Claire is art teacher Stephanie Zeiler’s 2020–2021 National Art Honor Society president, and she’s also a member of the QACHS Environmental Club.

“Developing conceptual ideas as an artist has introduced me to a range of perceptions, notions, knowledge, and insight on who we are as people,” said Claire. “I believe art gives us a felt place in this world, and this feeling of belonging allows us to inspire those who may feel lost.”

This has become a common theme among so many artists in Queen Anne’s County. With art being a universal language, student artists like Claire, who are leaders within their buildings, continue to aspire to communicate a sense of unity among people toward making a difference in society.

Claire explained further how she intends to be a part of the change in her generation.

“Art communicates social, political, and ecological issues, for leaders at all levels to consider solutions to the challenges that face us in the world today,” said Claire.

Zeiler, lead visual arts teacher and NAHS sponsor at QACHS, shared her praise of what a conscientious and amazing young artist Claire has become.

“Claire pushes her limits daily to improve her understanding and skill base. She is reflective in her practice and in her interactions. She uses her art to learn about herself and the world around her in the hope of using art to positively influence change, particularly focusing on the environment. I see amazing things in her future and am excited to see the body of work she creates through her senior year,” Zeiler said.

“Congratulations Claire. Keep positively contributing to your school, your community, and to the world around you while creating exciting new chapters and new stories with each new work of art you create,” said Michael Bell, visual and performing arts supervisor for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools.

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