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CENTREVILLE — For Queen Anne’s County students, June 17 will be the last official day for this school year.

June 14 was originally scheduled as the last day of school, but a day had to added to comply with the state mandated 180 days of instruction each year. This year’s school calendar allowed for three snow days; students missed four days due to snow.

The last school day, for all students, will be a half day — with final exams for high school being Thursday, Friday and Monday. Essentially one full day is added prior to the last half days, pushing out the end of the school year by one day, said Dave Brown, supervisor of accountability.

At the end of March, the Maryland General Assembly voted to give schools authority to start pre or post Labor Day. Senate Bill 128 “The Community Control of School Calendars Act” became law, following the overwhelming support for legislation in the Senate and House, the Governor’s veto, and the swift veto override votes of 32 to 15 in the Senate and 93 to 43 in the House. This new law will allow local school systems to set the school start date before (or after) Labor Day.

The Queen Anne’s County Board of Education is asking parents, students, teachers and other stakeholders to participate in a survey indicating their preference regarding the start of school before or after Labor Day.

QACPS already has an approved calendar in place for 2019-2020 with a staggered start for students beginning Sept . 3, after Labor Day. That calendar has a tentative last day of June 12.

The survey asks whether stakeholders prefer the already approved post-Labor Day 2019-2020 calendar or a calendar with a pre-Labor Day start of Aug. 26 for students that also ends June 12.

The pre-Labor day start removes the closing for primary election day April 28, and a post-Labor day start allows for a few more half-days in lieu of full-day closings.

The note from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Andrea Kane to parents at the start of the survey states, “

As families may have already made summer vacation plans, we are asking for your participation in this survey, to help guide the Board of Education with the 2019-2020 QACPS district calendar, as well as future district calendars.”

For future calendars, participants also are asked whether they would rather start school before or after Labor Day in general.

The link to the survey came be found on the school website,, under the heading QACPS Featured News. The survey will remain open until April 24.

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