KENT ISLAND — Junior Jayden Mullinix has already amassed a ton of accolades throughout her career while at Kent Island High School. Last year alone, she earned first place in the category of 2-D at ArtScene in 2019, first place in 2-D at the Academy Art Museum All-Shore show in Easton, and she became a new member of the KIHS National Art Honor Society headed by NAHS sponsor Michele Moyer and co-sponsor Maria Sage.

Jayden even volunteers at college horse shows and does therapy riding. So, in addition to drawing, photography, and sculpting, she provides service to her community, and she enjoys riding horses.

“I never thought about pursuing a major in art until I heard more about art school opportunities through Mrs. (Andrea) Schulte and Ms. Moyer. I was encouraged to enter a couple of pieces in two art shows this past year ,and I realized that this could really be a future for me,” Jayden said.

This fall she’s taking the new honors level 3-D Portfolio course with Moyer to prepare her for taking the district’s first ever Advanced Placement courses in AP Studio Art and Design.

Art has always been a passion of hers and she said she has always loved to draw ever since she can remember. Her middle school experiences began learning about value with Holly Schrader, her former art teacher at Stevensville Middle, and she’s never looked back.

Jayden said she draws every day and plans to pursue an education at the college level in the arts.

“Jayden is a passionate student, and I’ve truly enjoyed having the opportunity to see her work evolve. I am excited to see how she grows and what she creates over the next two years at KIHS,” Schulte said.

Moyer described Jayden’s summer sculpture assignment in two words – “simply amazing!”

“Jayden’s final product speaks for itself. We look forward to seeing her work at ArtScene 2020 this Spring on Thursday, April 23,” said Michael Bell, Visual Arts supervisor.

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