STEVENSVILLE — Alyssa Scalia, a junior at Kent Island High School, is the Queen Anne’s County Public Schools Visual Art Teen of the Week.

On Nov. 3, Alyssa was one of just two students selected from QACPS to represent the district as one of the most talented student artists from across the state of Maryland for the Fall 2021 First Lady’s Gallery’s virtual reception from 4 to 5 p.m. The Maryland State Fine Arts Office created a live “virtual ceremony’”to help celebrate the students.

Alyssa is an outstanding junior artist at Kent Island. Andrea Schulte, Art Department chair at KIHS, shared just how impressed she was with the tremendous effort and impressive investment in art Alyssa has demonstrated this year.

“I immediately recognized something special about Alyssa,” said Schulte, “when her weekly Visual Journal work looked like professionally planned mini-artworks, and her Inktober Challenge ‘sketches’ went way beyond my expectations. Any student who invests themselves equally in a two-week mastery assignment and a 5-minute sketch challenge is pretty exceptional.”

Alyssa is currently enrolled in Portfolio Development 2-D honors level art class, which is the district’s fall course that prepares students for its counterpart, Advanced Placement 2-D Art and Design, which is taken in the spring. She is currently working on a very contemplative “sustained investigation,” which is all about her appreciation for mistakes and fears.

“I am continually impressed with Alyssa’s willingness to dig deep and push herself personally while seeking new ways to expand her ability to communicate as an artist,” said Schulte.

“Being the daughter of a Coast Guardsman, I’ve moved around a lot,” Alyssa said. “I’ve been to four, maybe five, schools, but none have provided me with as many artistic opportunities as Kent Island High School. I have been able to enter my art into several contests and experiment with both traditional and digital media, despite COVID. It has greatly expanded my experience in the arts, and I thank my art teacher, Mrs. Schulte, for all her support.”

“Alyssa has such breadth in how she uses her artistic voice,” Schulte said. “While most of what we work on in the classroom is more narrative and self-expressive, I’m always impressed when my students use their honed talents in an attempt to persuade the public,” speaking on Alyssa’s powerful design which was selected for the 2021 QAC Opioid Awareness campaign.

Alyssa is also an active scout and recently proposed her Eagle Scout project to be an art installation at Kent Island High School. The plan includes a series of large panel artworks to honor the branches of the military. Alyssa said she felt it was important to recognize the efforts of the men and women who serve our nation, including the alumni of KIHS.

“This is a talented young artist with a bright future ahead,” said Michael Bell, supervisor of Fine Arts for QACPS. “Her work within her school, her community, and within her National Art Honor Society is truly exemplary. She also has a great mentor in Mrs. Schulte, and sky’s the limit for her future.”

As an active member of Art Club, and the KIHS NAHS, Alyssa and her peers provide art opportunities to help students, local community businesses, and organizations. Alyssa also participated in the Scholastic Art Awards, which is the premier organization for recognizing the creative efforts of high school artists.

Alyssa’s “Expressive Selfie” painting, which was showcased at the Kent Island Federation of Arts this past spring, became the artwork to represent KIHS as one of just two selected artworks from QACPS in Yumi Hogan’s statewide First Lady Gallery Exhibition. Look for more of Alyssa’s artwork at ArtScene 2022 at KIHS on Thursday, April 28.

To view the First Lady Gallery Exhibition online visit: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.

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