Chesapeake College Athletics

WYE MILLS — Three hundred sixty students were named to the Chesapeake College Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2021. The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours.

In Queen Anne’s County those students were: Allison Alexander of Chestertown, Kanchan Amatya of Stevensville, Jessica Anthony of Chestertown, MacKenzie Barr of Church Hill, MacKenzie Bayly of Grasonville, James Beck of Crumpton, Maya Betley of Centreville, Phillip Beville of Sudlersville, Abigail Blanchard of Centreville, Dakota Blanchard of Chester, Allison Bonnar of Stevensville, Cole Braband of Chester, Allen Brandenburg of Chester, Tatyanna Brooks of Queenstown, Christopher Brown of Chester, Leah Buckler of Stevensville, Amber Calandro of Stevensville, Tea Campbell of Church Hill, Christopher Carcamo of Stevensville, Alicia Carroll of Sudlersville, Zachary Casanova of Henderson, Keera Chanaud of Centreville, Charlene Cifuentes-Vasquez of Church Hill, Ashlyn Conley of Queen Anne, Susan Crossley of Queenstown,

Anthony Daly of Queen Anne, Megan Deitterick of Queen Anne, Genete Demessew of Chester, Lily Doege of Stevensville, Jenna Dolch of Chestertown, Cole Donaldson of Sudlersville, Anna Edwards of Chestertown, John Fitzpatrick of Stevensville, David Francis of Church Hill, James Garner of Church Hill, Ava Gerrior of Centreville, Vincent Gerrior of Centreville, Pierce Gilden of Centreville, Olivia Greer of Queenstown, Brendan Hall of Stevensville, Andrew Hampton of Stevensville, Ryan Hanrahan of Chester, Iman Haque of Centreville, Karlie Hickson of Centreville, Caitlin Hobbs of Stevensville, Cody Hope of Stevensville, Jonathan Irons of Queenstown, Brynne Jachimowicz of Chestertown, Kelsey Jones of Stevensville, Cassie Karns of Stevensville, Megan Kazzi of Queenstown, Alan Keating of Centreville, Alexia Kelley of Grasonville, Jessica Kilby of Centreville, Bryce King of Centreville, Erin King of Centreville, Jackson Kratovil of Stevensville,

Paige Lancaster of Sudlersville, Jasmine Latham of Stevensville, Brandon Lee of Centreville, McKenna Lev of Chester, Thomas Lewis of Centreville, Regen Linn of Chester, Ayna Lins of Centreville, Victoria Mahoney of Millington, Madison Marciniak of Centreville, Caitlyn Martell of Church Hill, Ashley Martin of Stevensville, Grace McCreary of Centreville, Rebekah McCreary of Centreville, Patrick McFadden of Chester, Jacob McLaughlin of Queenstown, Sean Melotti of Chestertown, Rebecca Merkel of Stevensville, Luke Mildenberger of Centreville, Kaitlyn Miller of Stevensville, Seth Mohen of Millington, Erin Moran of Chestertown, Sabrina Musser of Stevensville, Isabel Olivo of Ingleside, Elias Owens of Queenstown, Makayla Patterson of Chestertown, Chance Porter of Church Hill, Logan Pruitt of Centreville, Taylor Quincy of Centreville,

Matthew Rector of Queenstown, Shelby Rehn of Stevensville, Jakob Reichenbach of Chester, Hailey Reinoehl of Centreville, Nathan Rice of Queen Anne, Samantha Robertson of Centreville, Austin Rodenhaver of Centreville, Ambar Rodriguez of Chestertown, Harper Ronayne of Stevensville, Caroline Rosendale of Centreville, Ashley Russ of Centreville, Jaren Schaner of Grasonville, Emily Sherbert of Stevensville, Filogonia Silva Martinez of Chestertown, Morgan Smith of Centreville, Lauren Smoot of Stevensville, Sophia Surina of Stevensville, Madison Sweeney of Sudlersville, Madelyn Tisher of Sudlersville, Kelsey Tolley of Stevensville, Emma Trinkley of Stevensville, Hannah Turowski of Centreville, Alexandra Unger of Queenstown, Emily Verdonck of Stevensville, Lindsey Verdonck of Stevensville, Nicole Walczak of Centreville, Aidan Willard of Centreville, Natalie Willard of Stevensville, Andrew Williams of Church Hill, Branden Williams of Centreville, Harley Willis of Centreville, Gabrielle Wilson of Centreville, and Daniel Workinger of Sudlersville.

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