STEVENSVILLE — A threat made against Matapeake Middle School on a social media platform over last weekend was responded to by local authorities and school officials. Superintendent of Queen Anne's County Public Schools, Dr. Andrea Kane said a parent contacted the principal at MMS on Sunday,  April 28, to provide details of a student’s SnapChat message referring to a school shooting. 

In a letter to parents and the media, Kane said the principal immediately contacted the school resource officer to investigate and coordinate with law enforcement. Law enforcement identified the child and contacted the parents. The child making the threat did not attend school Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sheriff Gary Hofmann said his office learned the message involved a student making a non-specific verbal threat regarding a school shooting.

“An investigation was immediately initiated and involved the student and the student’s parents. After a thorough investigation, law enforcement found that there was no threat to the students or their safety,” Hofmann said.

After the initial investigation law enforcement concluded students should continue with their normal school operations Monday, April 29, the next school day.

“While this incident continues to be investigated, there is no threat to the safety of the students, faculty, and/or citizens of Queen Anne’s County,” Hofmann said.

“Students are safely following their normal instructional schedule,” said Kane on Wednesday, adding parents at Matapeake Middle School were informed about the incident on Monday and will receive additional updates.

“All protocols were followed and we are grateful that the parent who reported the incident was monitoring her child’s social media use and contacted the principal immediately,” said Kane.

Any student who threatens violence against any of the schools faces appropriate discipline in accordance with Queen Anne’s County Public Schools’ student expectations/discipline procedures, she said.

In her letter to parents, Kane said, “Please speak with your child about the safe and appropriate use of social media and encourage students to report any threats to a trusted adult. Please monitor your child’s social media use. As adults, we are also called to use social media responsibly.”

The Sheriff's Office also considers any and all potential threats to schools and student safety a very serious matter. If anyone has information concerning any threats to schools in Queen Anne's County, they are urged to contact the Sheriff's Tipline at 410-758-6666. Tips can also be submitted through the mobile app. Call 911 if the danger is immediate.

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