STEVENSVILLE — Police are seeking two suspects in a Saturday afternoon armed robbery at the Kent Island Depot on Romancoke Road.

At approximately 4:47 p.m. Saturday, June 29, two black males entered the store, one went to the front counter and approached the clerk, according to the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office. The man then went behind the counter, while the clerk was distracted, put a blue bandana over his face, displayed a firearm, and announced: “This is a robbery.”

While the first man was with the front clerk, the second man approached an employee at the rear of the store near the walk-in cooler. That man asked the employee to get him a 30-pack of beer. As the employee was going into the walk-in cooler, he saw the man pull a black face mask over his face. The suspect then attempted to lock the employee in the walk-in cooler, according to police. The employee was able to get out of the walk-in cooler and a struggle ensued between the suspect and the employee with both falling to the ground. The first suspect then came to the second suspect’s aid, pointed the firearm at the employee and said: “Let him go.” The employee complied and both suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The sheriff’s department has provided this updated description of the men and the vehicle they in which they fled. Suspect One: black male, mid to late twenties, wearing a black baseball cap, black t-shirt, black shorts with blue on the bottom, wearing sunglasses, and a blue bandana. Armed with a firearm.

Suspect Two: black male, early to mid-twenties, wearing a black hooded jacket, black shirt, black pants, and a black face mask. His hairstyle was short dreadlocks.

Both suspects fled on foot South on Romancoke Road. Witnesses reported seeing both suspects run to a charcoal colored, new model, Dodge Ram 4-door crew cab pick-up truck. The vehicle has distinct custom features: chrome door handles, chrome running boards, dark tinted windows to include the windshield, black rims, and the red in color traditional Dodge hash marks only seen on the front right quarter panel. The vehicle also had a light color rear registration plate and no front registration plate.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contacted the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office at 410-758-0770 or Det./Cpl. Bassaro #0144 at 410-758-0770, ext. 1256.

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