Whether hosting a traditional Thanksgiving meal with family or a more contemporary Friendsgiving gathering, a lot goes into creating a memorable holiday. Between cleaning, decorating and crafting a menu, its best to prep and schedule in advance so everything runs smoothly. This Thanksgiving, let your Queen Anne’s County Library card help take some of the guesswork out of creating a top-notch occasion. Our collection of free music, audiobooks and e-books will take the hassle out of planning and let the host (you) enjoy your own party.

Let’s Talk Turkey

While it is usually up to the host to cook up the main dishes (i.e. turkey!), it is totally acceptable for guests to bring side dishes and desserts. Check out Let’s Talk Turkey… And All The Trimmings for great ideas on how to cook a perfect turkey, and creative side dish combinations for your guests to bring for a potluck style dinner! If you feel like changing up the usual menu, the New Thanksgiving Table e-book has tons of diverse regional recipes spanning from New England to the Pacific.

A Harvest Tablescape

With food at the forefront for this holiday, there’s no need to overload on home décor. Anything autumnal that you already have out will perfectly add to the ambiance, so keep those colorful leaf wreaths and pumpkins! You can also opt to keep things simple using the Camille Styles Entertaining e-book for unique DIY crafts that add a pop of natural-looking décor. Make the dining table the showstopper for your party using Mason Jar Crafts. Create rustic centerpieces and hanging displays using on-trend mason jars and burlap, light a few cinnamon candles and your warm and inviting table will look straight out of a magazine.

Musical Entertainment

While the delicious aromas of your feast set the mood, add great background music to complete the perfect atmosphere. Instantly stream Music For Your Thanksgiving Dinner — 50 Perfect Tracks for a popular mix of traditional and current songs that will warm hearts and give everyone that nostalgic feeling. If your guests want to try something a little different, download a karaoke album like The Karaoke Channel — It’s Thanksgiving for some songs to sing as a group.

New Traditions to Bond Over

Although many of us enjoy a good football game on Thanksgiving Thursday, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to consider a new tradition. Coming Home has tons of ideas on how to establish annual traditions by season that will keep family and friends close. Or, after everyone is stuffed and needs a break, watch School of Rock while everyone relaxes and digests. Have fun and be thankful for all that is around you!

Visit www.lovemylibrary card.com today to sign up for your free Queen Anne’s County Library card and instantly access our catalogue of movies, music, audiobooks and e-books. Our robust digital collection will provide endless entertainment as the weather cools down and the holidays roll in.

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