QUEENSTOWN — When the Sloan family encouraged others to “Love Like Jake” in honor of their son’s memory they were gifted an outpouring of support from the community, coworkers and family. This past Friday, Sept. 6, the Jacob Sloan Foundation – created out of a desire to follow Jake’s effort to always make a difference in the lives of those around him — hosted a day of golf at Queenstown Harbor.

More than 25 volunteers and 200 golfers braved the chilly, windy weather for the inaugural Jacob Sloan Golf Tournament at Queenstown Golf Course. Jake Sloan is the son of Peter and Mary Sloan of Stevensville who was tragically killed in a car accident in October 2018.

The family partnered with Chesapeake Charities to form The Jacob Sloan Foundation on Feb 20, 2019 (Jake’s birthday) in an effort to continue Jake’s legacy of kindness and ”making a difference“ in peoples lives. The mission of the foundation is to make a difference by providing financial support to families and children in need as well as supporting athletics and the arts, two of Jake’s passions.

According to the Sloans, the outpouring of love and support they received from family, friends and our community has been unbelievable and a huge comfort to the family. The support the foundation has received has allowed them to give grants and make donations to four local charities, and because of the success of the tournament, the foundation is in a position to make a significant impact, reaching out and helping many more charitable organizations in the upcoming weeks and months in Jake’s honor, said Pete Sloan.

While supporting the Jacob Sloan Foundation, guests were invited to play in the four man scramble tournament. Tickets included breakfast, beverages, a catered barbecue, silent auction, live music and awards.

Jacob’s father Pete Sloan, expressed his deep gratitude to those who gathered to play in his son’s memory. It is a very emotional day, said Sloan, who recognized this coming Oct. 20 as one year since his son’s accident.

“We knew we needed to fulfill Jake’s legacy and gift of kindness,” said Sloan, “Jake lived his life being a friend to all through his kindness and giving, always striving to ‘make a difference’ in someone’s life.”

Jake was a seventh-grader at Matapeake Middle School. With a love for music he played trumpet in the school band and sang in the school chorus, and was a member of the Living Water Lutheran Church and active in its praise group.

An avid athlete, Jake loved many sports including baseball and wrestling for the family championship belt. The reigning family champion – the championship belt in Jake’s honor – was just one of the items on the silent auction table, with the value listed of course, as priceless. Every day Jake left the house hoping to make a difference, said his mother, and he did. He was a friend to all, and made sure that no one was ever left out.

The first to welcome new students to school, his parents said he would send messages of motivation to students daily before school, a reflection of the message his parents would tell him every day when he left the house.

After Jake’s passing, his parents said they received countless messages and letters from those who knew him. From one of those letters, “One time, someone was sitting all alone on the bus, and as soon as Jake got on, he sat down right next to them. Whenever someone was sitting alone at lunch Jake would move from his table and comfort them. Jake was kind to everyone, a great friend, and he definitely made a difference in everyone’s lives. We all love him and will never forget him.”

And from another, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remember to turn on the light.” Jake was the person that always remembered to turn on the light and rescue those who were left in the dark too long. He was fearless and had the bravery of a lion when it came to performing on stage or just singing in the choir. He succeeded and fulfilled God’s will on this world. While he lived a short life, he did more than any of us could every imagine doing. He accomplished the unimaginable in twelve years of life.”

He had no shortage of dreams, and planned on achieving every one of them, said Sloan. To that end, Jake’s legacy of love will live on through his foundation and through the lives that he touched in his all too short 12 years, he said.

Since it’s inception, the Jacob Sloan Foundation has already begun to make a difference in the community by extending a grant to a local boy fighting cancer, providing grants to several children who would have otherwise been unable to attend Camp Wright, and several other acts of kindness.

For more information on this incredible gift and what other fundraisers are planned please visit www.JacobSloanFoundation.com

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