Brady Levasseur '20

Brady Levasseur, 19, of Kent Island, saved an elderly man from drowning, Friday, September 11, in Annapolis. Levasseur is a member of the UCVFD.

ANNAPOLIS — Harbormaster Watch Commander Brady Levasseur, 19, of Stevensville, literally jumped into action on Friday, Sept. 11, saving an elderly man from drowning.

Recorded footage along the downtown pier in Annapolis harbor, showed two men, both who appeared to be unsteady walking along the pier when one man pushed the other into the water. Levasseur witnessed the victim struggling in the water, and jumped on a water taxi in the harbor that steered him directly across to the man in the water. By this time another man on the pier had thrown the man in the water a life-ring to hold onto and was attempting to pull the man using a rope to a place along the pier where a small ladder could be used to pull him out of the water, said Levassuer.

Levasseur, who is also a volunteer firefighter, has training in CPR and some water rescue through the Harbormaster’s Office, moved from the water taxi onto the pier where another attempt was made to pull the man in the life ring out of the water. This time the man dropped back into the water and went under and Levasseur immediately jumped in.

“When I saw him go under the water, I just jumped in. The man in the water appeared to not know where he was and he was choking from the water before he was dropped back in. He appeared to be nearly lifeless,” Levasseur said.

“I grabbed the back of the man’s shirt and pulled him over to where he could be lifted out of the water. The man in the water was motionless as I did this. One thing was clear, he was very intoxicated. To me, the man appeared to be in his 70s.”

With Levasseur’s help, two other men on the pier lifted the old man out of the water.

Other emergency personnel from Annapolis arrived about three minutes after the man was pulled from the water. Levasseur said, “I never found out what his name was, or any other details about him. I do know he was taken to Shock Trauma in Baltimore for treatment, but I haven’t heard anything as to how he’s done since then.”

Levasseur is a 2019 graduate of Kent Island High School. He is a member of the United Communities Volunteer Fire Department, where he grew up as part of the cadet program until he turned 16, when he became a certified volunteer as a firefighter three years ago. He has a longstanding family involvement in the UCVFD where his father, Mike Levasseur, is captain of the firefighter division. He has worked as an employee with the Annapolis Harbormaster for the past three years.

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