Grateful parent thanks GES teacher

Oakland Redgraves and his fifth grade teacher at Grasonville Elementary, Lisbeth Haarhoff.

GRASONVILLE — A very grateful parent is giving thanks to the quick thinking and actions of fifth grade Grasonville Elementary teacher Lisbeth Haarhoff.

Mom, Suzy Redgraves, said on Sept. 27, Haarhoff came to the rescue of Oakland Redgraves when at lunch he was drinking his bottle of water and placed his cap back on loosely. He then took another sip when the cap shot down his throat causing him to choke and “see dots”. Somehow he managed to tug Haarhoff’s shirt (she was standing right behind him) as he couldn’t talk, Redgraves said. Haarhoff gave Oakland the Heimlich and took him to the school nurse.

“I’m a mother of four biological children and one stepchild,” Redgraves said, “GES has been a huge part of our lives for many years. I’m very close to everyone there and this was something that stood out for obvious reasons.”

Redgraves said she expressed her thanks to Haarhoff directly and went so far as to email not only GES principal Thomas Walls, but also the Board of Education members and superintendent.

“I wanted them to know not only was the training these teachers go through working, but it went off without a hitch,” Redgraves said, “I couldn’t have done it better myself. School is these kids’ home away from home.”

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