Fairness is Pillar of the Month

From left, County Commissioners Jack Wilson, Steve Wilson, Jim Moran, Chris Corchiarino, and Phil Dumenil were joined by students from Karey Anne Coppage’s second grade class at Centreville Elementary School.

CENTREVILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners honored fairness as the Pillar of Character for June during their May 28 meeting with a proclamation and a song by students from Centreville Elementary School for Character Counts.

Karey Anne Coppage’s second grade class regaled commissioners after Kelly Huber, Character Counts coach specialist, introduced the them, and County Commissioner Jim Moran officially awarded the program the new Pillar of Character proclamation for the month of June.

“All citizens and especially the students in Centreville Elementary School, have been called upon to embrace the ‘Six Pillars of Character’ and incorporate them into their daily activities,” said Moran as he read Proclamation 19-32, written by the class. “All citizens and especially the students in Centreville Elementary School have embraced the value of Fairness in their daily lives by playing with the right rules, let all people play, and treat others equally.”

It further read that citizens, and especially the students in Centreville Elementary School, will demonstrate fairness at school by sharing school supplies, being respectful to all adults in charge, and by giving the same rules and the same consequences.

Finally, the proclamation said students “will demonstrate fairness in the community by not taking stuff from stores, being patient and polite to others, and by taking care of our parks.”

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