Positive Referral for Kindness recipients

Principal Theresa Farnell, left, and Teacher Specialist Rebecca VanAken congratulate Positive Referral for Kindness recipients Peyton Finecey, Colin Gardner, and Dominic Comegys.

CENTREVILLE — After a very stressful year of coping with the pandemic and online traction Centreville Elementary School students and staff will renew a focus on kindness thanks to a grant by the Choose Kindness Foundation. Centerville Elementary is one of 82 schools nationwide to be awarded funding by the Foundation, a philanthropic organization founded earlier this year.

Together CES and the Foundation will begin an active partnership to teach and celebrate kindness with the intention of creating a welcoming, inclusive, and caring school environment. The grant from Choose Kindness honors the commitment CES has made over the years, and was awarded based on the school’s demonstration of a systematic evidence-based approach to developing prosocial behaviors for at least three years.

Across the nation, students lost more than just academic learning last year and for many school closure meant the loss of their social world and their mental health suffered. this new year-long initiative will seek to engage students in a consistent effort to implement kindness related activities and behaviors — be friendly, show appreciation, offer help, and reach out to those in need — across a variety of school and community settings

CES received $6,500 to be used for: administering the School Kindness survey – once before activities begin and again following completion of grant activities; add kindness skills to current behavior expectations matrix and include it in the next Team Fidelity Inventory self-assessment; implementation of the Kindness Grant Program overseen by the principal Theresa Farnell; share the completed PBIS-Kindness products with the Kindness Foundation so it can be made available to other interested schools; and complete planned PBIS-Kindness activities and events.

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