CENTREVILLE — A large crowd attended the annual Centreville High School annual Alumni Dinner held May 11 at the Queen Anne’s County High School cafeteria, with Alumni President Eugene N. Higgs, Class of ’66, acting as toastmaster.

This year’s CHS Alumni Association honoree was the late Judge John T. Clark III, who was a member of the Class of ’61 and died Feb. 2, 2014, at age 70. His widow, Sally, accepted the honor along with a longtime friend, Scott MacGlashsan, Class of ’65, who is a retired Clerk of the Court for the county.

Judge Clark received his law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1969 and joined his father in private practice in Centreville. From 1971-75, John served as Assistant State’s Attorney for the county and was elected State’s Attorney from 1974-79. He was appointed District Court Judge and retired as the longest sitting District Judge in Maryland on Feb. 1, 2011. John and Sally were married in 1966 and had two sons, David and Jonathan. His brother Bill, of Centreville, is a member of the Class of ’65.

During the program, the 10-year Reunion year representatives were recognized: Evelyn Butler Berry, Class of ’39; Shirley Shortall Friel, Class of ’49; and Fred Roser Jr., Class of ’59. Called on to be recognized were the five-year reunion classes, years of 1934, ’44, ’54 and ’64.

Called up for certificates and receiving long ovations were the 2019 scholarship winners. The first was Casey Smith, granddaughter of William W. Moore, Class of ’63. She received the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, $6,700 Elizabeth P. Hagen CHS Alumni Association Memorial Scholarship. The “Light of Tomorrow With Today” Scholarship, a $4,000 award also from Elizabeth P. Hagen, went to Catherine J. Skinner, who is the granddaughter of Richard Milton Skinner, Class of ’48. She was not present.MacKenzie J. Dyott, granddaughter of William M. Young, Class of ’58, received a scholarship from a member of the Class of ’58, given anonymously.

The rest of the $1,000 scholarships from the Alumni Association went to: Nathan S. Biddle, grandson of Helen Dudley Cecil, Class of ’46; Ian Leverage, grandson of William Edwin Leverage, Class of ’62; Jordan Middleton, granddaughter of Gayle Matthews Peterson, Class of ’59; Cody Pfeiffer, grandson of Chester Cecil, Class of ’63; Bailey Riggs, granddaughter of William V. Riggs III, Class of ’60; and Caroline D. Roser, granddaughter of Fred Roser, Class of ’59, and Faye Dean Roser, Class of ’58.

The Rev. Howard Embert, who is a member of the Class of ’61, was called on to give the invocation and benediction.

Besides Higgs, officers of the CHS Alumni Association are Bill Sharp, Class of ’61, vice president; Patsy Dadds Mock, Class of ’61, secretary; and Jane Powell Coppage, Class of ’60, treasurer.

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