Work continues on bridge over Old Mill Stream Branch

Sunday, July 21, construction workers place reinforced platforms into the road at the state Route 213 bridge south of Centreville after the road was closed the entire weekend. A second closure is planned Aug. 16 to 19.

CENTREVILLE — The second of four planned weekend closures of MD Route 213 at Old Mill Stream Branch is set for Aug. 16-19. This is the bridge at the south end of town, between Hillside and Citgo. Detour signs will be posted. The bridge will close at 7 p.m. Friday and reopen by 5 a.m. Monday.

“For the past few weeks crews have been working in small excavated areas underneath the roadway steel plates,” said Bob Rager, community liaison for Maryland State Highway Administration. “With this closure we’re aiming to remove the plates, place the second concrete reinforcing cage and form and pour both abutments. This is a very ambitious weekend — we need good weather and we’ll likely need the full 58-hour closure window. By Monday morning we’ll have the steel plates back in place to keep traffic flowing through the week.”

One of the unusual features and complications with this particular project is the Corsica River tidal influence. Crews are continually battling water in the abutment work areas from the tide as well as heavy rains.

Town officials remind travelers they are still able to navigate around town to visit businesses, family, friends, etc. from the north, east, and west. Only the Mill Stream bridge will be closed and not the northern entrance of Route 213 entering town.

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