Midshipman graduates Naval Academy

Midshipman 1st Class Timothy Kerner of Stevensville is a mechanical engineering major who will train as a U.S. Marine pilot.

ANNAPOLIS — Midshipman 1st Class Timothy Kerner of Stevensville graduates with the United States Naval Academy Class of 2015. The son of Mark and Nancy Kerner also of Stevensville, he is a mechanical engineering major who will train as a U.S. Marine pilot.

Kerner began his preparation for the Naval Academy as a sophomore at St. Mary’s high school. A wrestling coach who had graduated with the academy in the class of ‘65 was his inspiration. It was Kerner’s desire to fly that ultimately had him apply to Annapolis.

“Of all the schools, the Naval Academy offered the most option. It was close to home and the Navy has more pilots that the Air Force.” he said with a grin.

His parents encouraged him to make the right decision for him, said Kerner. But gaining entry into the academy is not easy. He completed a year of preparatory school at Valley Forge before finally entering.

His advice to those in middle and high school who might be considering the Naval Academy was this, “Maintain good grades, look for leadership positions and engage in extracurricular activities. Appointments are very competitive.”

For Kerner, after graduation comes more school, flight training in Pensacola. From there he is likely to be stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina. Ultimately, Kerner says, he is hopeful to be stationed in Okinawa.

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