Barbershop reopens '22

After three weeks of being closed due to “a series of unfortunate health issues,” Charlie’s & Shirley’s Barbershop, located at the corner of Love Point Road and Route 18, has re-opened. From the left; barbers Shirley Crook, Jennifer Thorne and Charlie Bronson are pictured. Charlie and Shirley opened the shop October 9, 1992. Crook said, “We want to thank our wonderful customers for their patience while they were out. We have the best customers in the world, and we feel so blessed!”

STEVENSVILLE — For nearly three and a half weeks in October, Charlie & Shirley’s Barbershop, in historic downtown Stevensville, unexpectedly closed. The barber shop first opened in October of 1992, under Charlie Bronson and Shirley Crook. It’s been a mainstay of haircuts for 30 years. Even with inflation, they’ve held their prices the same, at only $10 per haircut.

Of the unanticipated temporary closure, Crook said, “We had a series of unfortunate health issues that came all at once.” Charlie experience a “mild” heart attack almost on the anniversary date of the barbershop in early October. He was hospitalized in Easton for treatment, and while there, suffered several more heart attacks. He is recovering with Cardiac Rehab, and progressing. But it’s not known when he might return to the barber shop at this time.

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