GRASONVILLE — On Saturday morning, Aug. 7, the congregation of Chesapeake Church of Christ held their first Vacation Bible School for children, ages 3 to 10, since the pandemic began more than 17 months ago.

For nearly 20 years, the congregation has taken pride in detailed planning for short, energy filled, animated VBS presentations, each summer. Last year, 2020, was the exception, as the pandemic shut down this church tradition.

This year’s theme “20-20” had nothing to do with the past year, but helping children understand clarity of eyesight, namely, 20-20 vision. The program began with a short skit where the children observed a man visiting an eye doctor and telling the doctor, “I want to see God!” The doctor explained that he, along with the children, were about to take a journey “to see many ways” of seeing God.

The journey, based on scriptures, led them to see pictures of the universe, then many of the creations of God on earth through visual art works, and finally, even to look at some of God’s smallest creations under a microscope. The message, simply put, God’s works, creations, can be seen everywhere, which in a sense, is seeing God.

Two Bible verses set the tone for this year’s theme: Psalm 19:1 and Romans 1:20. Both speak about God’s magnificent creations; “The heavens declare the glory of God ... “ and “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made ....”

The program also included a painting session for the children, a moon bounce experience outside the church building, and treats of healthy foods along with ice cream.

The program concluded with volunteer Jeff Jaros meeting with all the children and asking what they had learned about seeing God\. Members of the Jaros family also led the children in songs, especially a familiar song titled “Father Abraham”. They, along with the children. performed the songs with tremendous energy. Laughing, Jaros said he’s getting older now and having difficulty keeping up with the kids excitement.

The children departed taking their paintings, a gift of a small flashlight and new pair of sunglasses with them.

Look for Chesapeake Church of Christ’s notice for next year’s Vacation Bible School in the calendar section of the Bay Times/Record Observer newspaper.

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