STEVENSVILLE — This Saturday, Jan. 15, the art works of the late Carole Cascio of Stevensville open to the public on display and many pieces are for sale at the Kent Island Federation of Arts, located in historic downtown Stevensville. Cascio, a longtime member and supporter of KIFA, left wishes that her watercolor and ceramic pieces be offered for sale through KIFA, with a percentage of the sales donated to the longtime arts organization. The remainder of the proceeds will go to her estate to be donated to numerous local humanitarian charities.

Cascio passed away in October of 2021, at the age of 77. She was a retired professor of Dance and Health Science. She developed a great passion of visual art following her instincts as she worked in clay and water color paintings.

Trained in an Asian tradition, her clay and porcelain pieces reveal a wide range of simplicity and detail, delicacy and sturdiness. Her interest in watercolor led her to the Sumi-e tradition. For her, the natural world is an experience that conveys an energy that is compelling. It is a source for much of the imagery found in both her paintings and vessels.

As an award winning artist, many of her works are displayed in the book, 500 Plates and Chargers: Innovative Expressions of Function and Style, Lark Books, 2008.

The exhibit and sale of her works will continue from now through the end of February, or until her works are sold out, whichever comes first.

View more photos of Cascio’s works online at

For further information, call KIFA at 410-643-2635.

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