QUEENSTOWN — For the past year, local seniors have danced their way through the pandemic, with longtime dance instructor Annie Monego bringing them out of potential social isolation, and inactivity, to enjoy recreation and fellowship, as safely as possible.

With the help of the Bay Country Moose Lodge in Queenstown providing the seniors with a large open space, indoors, the group learned line-dancing on Tuesday afternoons and ballroom dancing on Thursday afternoons at same location. The cost was $5 per person, to be able to provide a donation to the Moose Lodge for their providing the space. The dance classes went on for 15-weeks per session, beginning in October, 2020, with several sessions through the end of October 2021. So many seniors joined in, that they were able to donate $2,700 to the lodge.

Monego said, “At first, we had to all wear face masks during the dance classes, at least until vaccinations began in February, and everyone was finally vaccinated. Then, we could gather without the masks.”

Participant Joyce Wesolowski, of Kent Island, said, “The dance classes have provided a way to socialize during the pandemic, and it’s good exercise!” Richard Cooper, 74, of Centreville agreed, saying, “Yes, it is good exercise and it keeps our brains working as we practice dance movements together.”

Through Chesapeake College new dance classes are continuing, having begun on Mondays in November, at the Grasonville Senior Center, from 1 p.m. — 2 p.m. The cost is $15 per person for 14-weeks of line-dancing classes there. Thursday’s ballroom dancing is held at the Kent Island Senior Center, from 1 p.m. — 2:30 p.m. The cost for ballroom dancing is $25 per person for 14 weeks.

Monego has been teaching dance lessons for 40-years. Since 2016, she’s worked with Chesapeake College, serving as an instructor in senior classes. If you have an interest in joining, call Monego at 410-708-1628.

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