CHESTER — Barry Donadio of Chester, who published his first book, “TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account,” in 2013, debuted his second book Aug. 17 — this time turning his hand to fiction.

The new book, “That Day When Hell Froze Over,” is an action and adventure story set a thousand years ago in what today is Afghanistan and Iran. The story has a mystical slant involving Satan, his demons and the Angel Gabriel involved in human warfare.

According to the description, “An elite force of new Catholic knights are created by the Pope. They are ordered by him to drive deep into enemy territory on a secret mission.”

After encountering many dangers, the knights “are forced to battle the damned of Hell, including Satan himself.”

Donadio said he wanted to write “the kind of book people are reading these days.”

“It was just a story I had had (in his head), and I wanted to put it in writing,” he said.

It took about eight months to complete, and the story evolved as he wrote it down, he added.

A former volunteer firefighter and emergency medical responder, Donadio also is veteran and a former U.S. Secret Service agent. While in the military, he served in multiple Middle Eastern war zones. This past June, he was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for his service back in 2002. As a Secret Service agent, he was assigned to protect Presidents Bush and Obama.

Drawing on his own background, the story encompasses Donadio’s interest in history and military warfare, drawing on his Middle East experiences, and the Vatican and the Crusades.

He called the book “an easy read” totaling 277 pages. It is available in paperback from Amazon for $20.99 and also can be purchased at Donadio’s business, Public Security LLC in Chester, a private security and investigation firm.

The e-book will be out soon, Donadio said. He is looking for someone to help format it.

In the meantime, he has lots of other stories in mind, mostly historical fiction. He is already planning his next book, set in World War II, called “Save the Reichstag.”

In it the Nazis get a second chance of winning the Battle of Berlin, he said. Stay tuned.

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