KIFA student intern '21

Kristen Tull with two of her oil paintings inside the Kent Island Federation of Arts in Stevensville, where she has served 130 hours this summer as an intern, earning college credit for her service. Kristen, a graduate of Kent Island High School, is entering her senior year at Elmira College in New York, where she studies Art.

STEVENSVILLE — Kent Island High School graduate Kristen Tull, double majoring in Psychology and Fine Arts, and now entering her senior year at Elmira College in New York, has served as an intern at the Kent Island Federation of Arts in Stevensville this summer. Under supervision of KIFA administrator Margaret Tessier, Kristen has worked 130 hours, earning three college credits from her experience.

Tull’s work included interviewing longtime Stevensville professional artists, leaders in art organizations and gallery owners such as Hai-Ou Hou, Jeanne Noble, and Joan Williams, learning from their many years of work in the visual Arts industry. Tull also experienced serving as a docent at the KIFA gallery, and learned how a small non-profit arts organization functions and is funded. Past KIFA President Maureen Wheatley provided Tull a hands-on learning experience, learning how to hang a gallery show from start to finish.

All of this was part of Tull’s “Career-Related” planned independent study internship, approved by her Elmira College Academic Advisor Diane Maluso. The internship was designed to provide an understanding of many jobs available in the art world, learn how to handle and hang art properly, gather gallery knowledge, and make connections in her local arts community. The experience will help to provide her with direction and clarity as she pursues future career plans, Tull said.

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