CHURCH HILL — Director Michael Whitehill is pleased to announce auditions for the upcoming Church Hill Theatre production of 33 Variations, by Moisés Kaufman. The play tells the story of Katherine Brandt, a musicologist dying of ALS, who passionately throws herself into studying Beethoven’s renowned variations on a mundane Diabelli waltz.

The story of her singular pursuit of knowledge and her strained relationship with her spirited daughter is interwoven with that of Beethoven himself. The action takes place between 1819, 1823 and 2019 in New York, Bonn and Vienna. The play has excellent roles for men and women and the characters break down as follows:


Katherine Brandt, a musicologist. Female, late 40s –early 60s (to play late 50s or thereabouts)

Clara Brandt, her daughter. Female, late 20s-early 30s.

Mike Clark, a nurse. Male, 20s-30s.

Dr. Gertrude Landenburger, a Librarian/Archivist. Female, 30s to 50s.


Ludwig van Beethoven, a composer. Male, 40s to 60s.

Anton Diabelli, a music publisher. Male, 30s to 50s.

Anton Schindler, Beethoven’s secretary. Male 30s to 60s.

Ages are flexible and the show will be cast in harmony to the overall piece and period from whomever shows up.

Auditions will take place on the Church Hill Theatre Main Stage on: Saturday, June 22, at 10 a.m.; Monday, June 24, at 6 p.m.; andWednesday, June 26, at 6 p.m.

Actors should be prepared for cold readings from the script and bring sheet music for a prepared song. For fun, pick a song you might sing in the shower or jogging

Be on the lookout for and wary of Whitehill’s typical audition surprise exercises. The pianist, choreographer and director will be watching every move you make on and off the stage throughout the auditions. For more information, especially about the play’s characters, contact Whitehill at

All players, from the studied to the first timers, are encouraged to come for the fun and the experience. Whitehill looks first for players who will show up, work hard and care as much as he does.

For more information, contact the CHT office at 410-556-6003.

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