Public Security LLC

Public Security LLC company President Barry Donadio, center, stands with some of his hew staff members, hired to work the Across the Bay 10K.

STEVENSVILLE — Barry Donadio’s private security and investigation firm Public Security LLC put 65 Marylanders to work this month. Most were Eastern Shore residents hired to work the Across the Bay 10K that took place Nov. 6.

Donadio said the new staff received a high hourly rate of pay as Public Security LLC decided that paying Marylanders a high wage was more important then their profit. After working the event, new staff members were offered additional work on a part-time basis, which is expected to lead to full time positions.

Newly hired event staff member Kristen Brook thanked Donadio for the allowing all of them to be apart of the bridge race. Deborah Thornton-Lee said she was proud to work for Public Security LLC at the event.

Donadio said he focused on recruiting residents of Queen Anne’s County, so they could display Eastern Shore pride in their services to his clients.

“My choice to use them was validated by their excellent performance during the Bay Bridge run event,” Donadio said. “ I never doubted the abilities of the predominantly female event staff to provide the perfect result that they did.

“This wonderful new staff are from all walks of life including some single mothers with good leadership skills.”

Donadio, who is also certified by the Maryland State Police to instruct in firearms, stated that he will provide free handgun qualification license certifications to all of his new staff.

Anyone interested in employment opportunities may visit the company website to submit a resume.

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