Almost 20,000 acres (or 8.2 percent of Queen Anne’s County total land area) is affected by a court order declaring invalid “R-1 Estate District” zoning, which permits only lots of five acres or more.

Such zoning as contained in the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of June 16, 1964, was held by the Circuit Court for Queen Anne’s County to be “unreasonable and arbitrary, and bear[ing] no relation to the health, safety, morals, or general welfare of the areas so zoned...”

“The court believes ... that this is the first instance where any local government in this state has attempted to exercise the power to zone ‘for the protection of the wealthy who reside within the boundaries of their domain” [the court said].

• • •

June 13 is the scheduled opening date for the Colonial Arms Nursing Home in Church Hill, and the next day will begin the registration of guests. The home will be equipped for 10 guests, with possibilities of expansion for two more later.

The home will be for elderly people, some of whom need constant nursing attention, and a registered nurse will be employed full time.

Nurses’ aides will work in shifts when the nurse is off duty, although the nurse, Mrs. Katherine M. Bramble, will be on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. The regular doctor will be Dr. Rodney Layton of Centreville.

• • •

House of Delegates member Carter M. Hickman of Church Hill, has been appointed by Gov. Tawes to a commission to study the problem of drug addiction in Maryland.

Mr. Hickman was the only Eastern Shore member of the 133-man commission named by the governor.

Chairman is Gerald Siegel, a Baltimore attorney. The group was formed as a follow-up to the recent General Assembly session where two resolutions were passed calling for studies to be made concerning the problem of drug addiction.

Members of the Queen Anne’s County business and fishing community oppose the state’s plan to dredge material from a channel in Baltimore Harbor and dump it this summer into a section of the Chesapeake Bay just west of Kent Island known as the Deep Trough.

In presenting this project to the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners last Tuesday, Maryland Port Administration officials cited a Department of Natural Resources report that concluded that depositing the dredged material into the trough would not harm the environment.

But Morris Jones, executive chairman of the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce, and George O’Donnell, who is president of the Maryland Divers Association, were skeptical and cautioned against unwarranted long term effects of the dumping on the seafood industry and waterfront activities.

• • •

The Mid-Shore’s first land conservancy has been formed and is preparing to go “full steam ahead” with fundraising efforts aimed at protecting natural land resources.

Following months of preparation, the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is now an official entity, although it still awaits approval of its tax-exempt, non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service, and has yet to hire a full-time executive director.

Initially the Conservancy will focus its efforts in the following Upper Shore counties: Caroline, Queen Anne’s Kent, and Kent. It is possible, however, that the reach of the program will be expanded.

• • •

Thornton “Buck” Hard gave the Centreville Town Council an abbreviated lesson on flag display at its May 17 meeting.

“I’ve come to talk to you about the desecration of the flag,” Hard said. “This one right here,” he said, noting the American flag in the council’s meeting room “is being desecrated.”

“Nothing should ever be to the right of the flag,” [he said]. A county and state flag were hanging next to the Stars and Stripes. “That means they outrank the flag.”

Hard said he’s noticed that two flags at Mill Stream Park were sometimes left flying after dark. “I get the impression that it’s been flying all night,” he said.

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