CHESTERTOWN — Catalina Righter, a rising senior at Washington College from Manchester, will work as a summer intern for the Kent County News through August.

Righter got involved with journalism when she attended an interest meeting for the student newspaper, The Elm, on a whim during her freshman year of college. She will serve as the paper’s editor in chief this fall.

She values journalism as an outlet to flex her linguistic muscles and, more importantly, as a place to tell stories that have an impact on people in her community.

“The Kent County News is proud to continue its participation with Washington College, offering the rising editor-in-chief of The Elm with an opportunity for a summer work program,” said Kent County News Editor Daniel Divilio, who served as a temporary advisor at The Elm this spring. “Having worked with Catalina at The Elm, I think she is going to be a great new voice here at the Kent County News.”

The Eastern Shore is not unfamiliar turf for Righter, whose family visits the area every summer. Some of her favorite local activities are thrift shopping in Chestertown and enjoying beach days in Betterton.

With this internship at the Kent County News, Righter looks forward to her first opportunity to work with a professional news organization. “Almost everything I know about journalism, I’ve learned through practical experience working for The Elm. I’m ready to learn a lot more through the Kent County News this summer and hopefully meet a lot of interesting people along the way,” she said.

Righter majors in English with a creative writing minor and enjoys taking computer science classes. In addition to her work at The Elm, she will serve on the staff of two other campus publications, The Collegian and Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal @ Washington College.

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