CHESTERTOWN — Though there’s only one weekend left, visitors to the pop-up shop on South Cross Street can still expect special discounts on its various goods.

In a May 27 interview, owner Holly Ferguson Rhodes said she opened what she calls an “upscale indoor yard sale” in the beginning of May.

Her past experience in the retail business includes Rhodes of Chestertown and working alongside her father in their family shop.

“I wanted to have a shop again at some point,” Rhodes said. “Since I’ve been previously known for retail operations in the past, business has been brisk.”

Her new venture, which has no name, is located in the former Old Mill Market Cafe space. It carries pillows, decorative plates, table tops, small pieces of furniture and unique gifts, such as antique mirrors and more.

“We sell something for everyone at different price ranges,” Rhodes said. “It’s designed to provide a selection of gifts and accessories for the home.”

She said the merchandise does not only come from her findings, but also from friends.

“I’ve seen a lot of old customers and friends, and have enjoyed reuniting with them,” Rhodes said. “They like to discover treasures and things that are no longer being made.”

She said that, with the pop-up shop’s success serving as a stepping stone, she hopes to return to the world of retail and hospitality, as it “is in her blood.”

“I’ve enjoyed the whole experience with shops, that friends would stop by and gather in,” Rhodes said. “I had that working with my family and I’ve had that now.”

Speaking May 31, she said the pop-up shop saw a lot of visitors during the annual Chestertown Tea Party Festival, held Memorial Day weekend.

“They, along with old customers and friends, seemed to really like this experience,” Rhodes said.

Located at 207 South Cross St., the pop-up shop will remain open until Sunday, June 12. Special discounts and sales will occur until then.

For more information, call 410-708-9230.

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