CHESTERTOWN – Lockbriar Farms will be buzzin’ Saturday, Aug. 22. That’s because it’s hosting this year’s celebration of National Honey Bee Awareness Day, an annual recognition of the efforts of beekeepers and honeybee associations.

Bay Bees Apiary of Chestertown is sponsoring the event.

The Queen Anne’s Beekeepers Association are bringing in entomologist Michael Embrey of the Wye Research and Education Center of University of Maryland as featured guest speaker. Embrey, a nationally recognized authority on honeybees, will offer a two-hour presentation on the effects of chemicals and pesticides on bees. He will also teach a beginner’s beekeeping class.

There will be several beekeepers present to answer questions on safe use and application of chemicals on plants so as to avoid harm to the honeybees that fertilize them. Displays of beekeeping equipment and demonstrations of hive manipulation are also on the agenda.

An observation hive will be set up so visitors can watch bees at work. There will also be samples of different kinds of honey for tasting, as well as Lockbriar Farms’ fruits for picking. Honey Bee Day runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

For additional information, contact Becky Hauser at (410) 778-0409 or; Mark Emerson at (703) 403-0745 or visit the national Honey Bee Day Web site: www.nh

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