Somebody owes me money. The Maryland legislature voted to make up to $300,000 available to help the Hudson family pay their legal fees. This is the family who was taken to court on a mistaken assumption by the Waterkeeper Alliance.

They nearly lost their farm due to a lousy federal bill that allowed them to be sued by someone with no evidence. The lawsuit was brought by an outside-the-state entity (Waterkeeper Alliance), and represented by the University of Maryland. It was a chilling example of enviro-extremism gone wild. I had nothing to do with it. I'm glad the Hudsons are getting the money; I just don't think I should have to pay for it, I've already paid.

I'm paying Erin Fitzsimmons' salary. She's the Special Assistant for the Environment appointed by Attorney General Doug Gansler, whose salary I'm also paying. Ms. Fitzsimmons is the former Chesapeake Regional Director for the Waterkeeper Alliance.

At the “Eastern Shore Poultry Summit” in Salisbury some years ago, Gansler was a keynote speaker, along with Robert Kennedy Jr., the founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance. It was at the summit that Mr. Gansler said, “We need to ramp up enforcement” of poultry by government and citizen groups using the Clean Water Act. The director of the University of Maryland Environmental Law Center said “legal action is the best way to change industry behavior.” The $300,000 should be deducted from the Attorney General's Office budget.

These people owe me $300,000. I'd be OK with them splitting it among themselves, or if they should all resign, I'd consider the matter closed. If Gansler runs for Governor, as suspected, I will require triple damages.

The “Clean Water Act” allows for government and citizens to sue private [JUMP]citizens if they should think someone's polluting the environment, whether they have any evidence or not. I will accept the $300,000 from Congress for passing this ridiculous bill, or I will accept the resignation of anyone who voted for this.

The University of Maryland Environmental Law Center brought the suit against the Hudsons for the Waterkeeper Alliance. I'm already paying for the University of Maryland Environmental Law Center. They owe me $300,000. When Governor O'Malley objected to using taxpayer money to sue a taxpayer, Phoebe A. Haddon, the Dean of the Law School told him to mind his own business. I'm paying Dean Haddon's salary and I want $300,000 from her. I'll accept her resignation instead. Same deal goes for O'Malley who should have fired her on the spot. And Jane Barrett, the lawyer who took this ridiculous case to court. This money should also be deducted from the University of Maryland budget.

Assateague Coastkeeper Kathy Phillips flew over the Hudson farm and saw what she thought was a pile of chicken manure (although it had previously been determined that it was not) and joined with the Waterkeeper Alliance in suing the Hudsons in federal court. Kathy Phillips owes me at least $300,000. I say “at least” because she continues to insist that she was right and the Hudsons were wrong. I will waive the $300,000 if she will just go away and shovel chicken manure for five years to give her a better appreciation of what it looks and smells like.

In fact, while I'm at it, I want $300,000 from former Gov. Parris Glendening. He's the one who first went after the poultry industry with his “pfiesteria hysteria.” This was another enviro-scam that ruined the fishing industry in this state for a year. When Parris finally realized that he'd gone too far with his scam, he went on television every night and ate fish to show that it was all right. This only showed two things: 1. Fish is greatly overrated as “brain food” and 2. Parris could eat and talk out of both sides of his mouth. While I didn't personally lose any money, the “pain and suffering” I endured watching Parris Glendening eat should be worth $300,000.

The General Assembly, I'm sure, will be applauded for doing the right thing in awarding this money to the Hudsons. However, keep in mind that this mess was created by the government, encouraged by government officials who aided and abetted the Waterkeepers, carried out and pursued by agencies of the government, and now is being paid for by the government, at taxpayer's expense.

Next year on your tax return, instead of checking off $1 to go to some environmental group, ask for your $300,000 back.


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