CAMBRIDGE — B&B Sport Aviation in Cambridge has been offering sales and service, including aircraft kits or ready-to-fly planes for about 28 years, and recently partnered with a Ukrainian business.

B&B supplies KievProp, a Ukrainian-designed propeller. This innovative design features increased performance with reduced noise, reduced engine, and airframe fatigue.

“Through a joint agreement, B&B Sport Aviation has become the sole American distributor for the KievProp, and has formed a new subsidiary company named KievProp America,” said B&B owner Ted Bryant. “The new company is now working closely with KievProp engineers in the Ukraine to begin manufacturing and warehousing propellers and related items for use not only on sport planes on this side of the Atlantic, but also for the UAV market where they are already fulfilling orders. To date, KievProp America is the largest seller of the KievProp in the world.”

Bryant currently employs six people and uses three hangars for his facility. Far faster than the current factory delivery times, Bryant and his team can build and deliver an aircraft in as little as 12 weeks. B&B is a leading dealer for RANS aircraft.

“Whether you choose a commercial runway, a field or a sandy beach, our planes will astound everyone with their high performance,” Bryant said.

B&B has been the Mid-Atlantic RANS aircraft dealer since 1987. RANS aircraft kits require only common hand tools and can be built in as little space as a one-car garage. Builder assistance is available by phone, or use their shop for hands-on assistance. Flight training is also available at $50 per hour.

Dedicated to the community, B&B Sport Aviation, along with Cambridge Motorsports, is a main sponsor for the annual Cambridge Wings & Wheels event held in June. The 2015 event proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Fund.

To find out more about B&B Sport Aviation, visit or call 410-221-8009.

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