To the editor: I frequently travel the Bay Bridge and would like to make a suggestion about traffic control. I think the plan that I propose is likely to reduce eastbound wait times for the bridge; it would definitely make traveling eastbound over the bridge less stressful.

Now that traffic, at busiest times, no longer stops to pay tolls, I believe that traffic should be limited to only four tollbooths to match the traffic lanes on Route 50. I think that spreading the traffic out to 14 lanes and then having it merge back to only two lanes is a mistake. The merge is very stressful and fraught with the possibility there will be fender benders that delay traffic.

I recommend that traffic pass through only two of the four tollbooths at a time and allowing perhaps about 25 cars to pass through each before the other two booths are opened to a comparable number of cars.

By alternating tollbooth lanes, drivers lined up on eastbound 50 will know that they are being treated fairly and see some movement every few minutes. Those with adaptive cruise control can just let the car do all the work of starting and stopping.

Once cleared through the tollbooth, the cars have a clear path onto the two lanes of the eastbound span without any merging. They just get up to speed and cross the bridge.

I do hope that you will present this suggestion to the public so others may comment on it.

Marshall Weingarden


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