ROCK HALL — Conditions were made to order, with light air giving way to a steady breeze, for the one-design junior sailing regatta here June 27.

Nearly 120 sailors from around the Bay competed for bragging rights in Optimist, Laser Radial and Club 420 classes. They sailed on three courses in the Chester River and off host Rock Hall Yacht Club for a total of 20 races.

“It all went smoothly,” said Connie Ranney, director of the RHYC Sailing School.

She attributed the success of the junior regatta in part to “our wonderful RHYC staff and 28 volunteers that made it happen on land and on the water.”

Printed here are the top five place-finishers in each division. Wade Anthony of RHYC, who placed fourth in Laser Radials, had the best finish for local sailors. He was beaten on criteria after locking into a two-way tie for third.

Club 420, 21 boats: Ian Ronald and Lachlan Hooper of North East River Yacht Club, first; Skylor Sweet and Isabella Webb of NERYC, second; Olivia Sowa and Audrey Commerford of NERYC, third; Anna Groszkowski and Amelia Johnson of Severn Sailing Association, fourth; and Gerald Perez Carbo and Ty Ryan of SSA, fifth.

Laser Radial, 12 boats: Magnus Weissenberger of Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, first; Alex Adams of Annapolis Yacht Club, second; Lucy Paskoff of North East River Yacht Club, third; Wade Anthony of Rock Hall Yacht Club, fourth; and Jack O’Donnell of Tred Avon Yacht Club, fifth.

Optimist, 46 boats: Kyle Reinecke of Annapolis Yacht Club, first; Willem DeSimone of Tred Avon Yacht Club, second; Christopher Draper of AYC, third; Owen MacWilliams of AYC, fourth; and Luca DeSimone of TAYC, fifth.

Optimist Blue, 18 boats: Christopher Draper of Annapolis Yacht Club, first; Luca DeSimone of Tred Avon Yacht Club, second; Conor Mastromarco of AYC, third; Alders Kulynych-Irvin of AYC, fourth; and Beylen Gode of AYC, fifth.

Optimist Red, 21 boats: Kyle Reinecke of Annapolis Yacht Club, first; Willem DeSimone of Tred Avon Yacht Club, second; Owen MacWilliams of AYC, third; Nathan Jensen of North East River Yacht Club, fourth; and Ava Arepally of TAYC, fifth.

Optimist White, seven boats: Amelon Rule of Hampton Roads Race Team (from Hampton Yacht Club), first; Ashton Perkins of Severn Sailing Association/Chesapeake Bay Opti Team, second; Jake Beaver of SSA, third; Spencer Bruning of Baltimore County Sailing Center, fourth; and Flora Cole of SSA, fifth.

Optimist Green, 19 boats: Thomas Christiansen of Miles River Yacht Club, first; Mason Bothner of Baltimore County Sailing Center, second; Lizzy Scales of Severn Sailing Association, third; Maddie Deanne of BCSC, fourth; and Ben Gendell of Annapolis Yacht Club, fifth.

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