To the editor: In his Oct. 3 Letter to the Editor, Mark Einstein repeats several over-worn talking points to promote the Pirates and Wenches event in Rock Hall.

Trouble is, Mr. Einstein makes claims, but does not offer specifics.

He describes Pirates and Wenches as “a valuable asset to the town” without calculating how “valuable” and without factoring in the event’s liabilities.

He states, “Some businesses and their employees actually depend on it,” but fails to identify which marginal businesses might go belly-up without this event. He further states, “The event has become a major fundraiser for some non-profits,” again, without any details.

Mr. Einstein’s advocacy is unsupported because over the past 10 years, no one has evaluated this event’s claims of “benefitting” town businesses and residents. His claim of such “benefits” isn’t based on a cost/benefit analysis, but is hot air plucked from thin air.

While he pumps up the good stuff, Mr. Einstein downplays the problems.

With regard to public safety concerns, Mr. Einstein fails to acknowledge that this event’s inherent rowdiness is kept in check only by a substantial — and costly — law-enforcement presence, which includes town, county, state and Department of Natural Resources police officers, as well as the county’s liquor board inspector.

He also doesn’t acknowledge the substantial financial expenses to Rock Hall’s taxpayers to support the event, including overtime by the Rock Hall Police Department and other town employees and the use of town equipment.

He does acknowledge that a long weekend of crowds, traffic, trash, street closings, public drinking and raunchiness, loud music and noise including cannonades “may not be everyone’s cup of tea.” Amen.

Mr. Einstein and I agree on many issues, but not on this.

Grenville B. Whitman

Rock Hall

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