CHESTERTOWN — “Reading, writing, creativity, independence is everything this administration opposes,” Bookplate owner Tom Martin said Tuesday at his bookstore.

For Martin, hosting “Mueller Comes to Chestertown” at the Bookplate is a fitting location as well as an “antithesis” to the Trump administration.

“Mueller” will be performed at 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6 and at 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8. The reading lasts approximately 70 minutes with no intermission. The performance is free to attend.

“What we are going to do is stage part of the Mueller report,” Martin said. “It dramatizes what was said. It animates the Mueller report. It makes it much more accessible and reminds people of the severity of the situation. It reminds people that basically, in this administration, all roads lead to Russia.”

Originally performed off Broadway under the title “The Investigation: A Crime in Ten Acts,” Martin said its creator Robert Schenkkan gave director Robert Earl Price permission to reproduce the reading in Chestertown.

“Basically, it’s comprised of 19 characters — obviously Trump and Mueller being the primary,” Martin said.

The script is taken directly from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report — though how the actors choose to give their deliveries is entirely up to them.

Martin said each of the 19 parts will be read by local actors with Robert Mueller portrayed by Robert Ortiz, President Donald Trump played by Jim Landskroener and Leslie Price Raimond narrating.

Other “characters” are Sarah Saunders, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump Jr., Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn.

“What the play focuses on, primarily, is ‘Part Two: Obstruction of Justice.’ And the the ‘10 crimes’ are the 10 points Mueller enumerates that clearly show an obstruction of justice on the part of Trump and the administration in the investigation of Russian interference in our elections,” Martin said.

Martin said performing “Mueller” serves to reiterate the Trump administration’s actions are not acceptable. He said the play is “doing our part” in bringing awareness to the situation.

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