Molly's Place recieves appreciation award from Chestertown Lions Club

Pictured, from left, are Chestertown Lions Club member Fred Sherriff, club President Rick Coffman, Chikki Shajwani and Niki Shajwani, both of Molly’s Place. They were honored by the club for the support Molly’s Place provides each year during the club’s raffle ticket sales.

CHESTERTOWN — An appreciation plaque was presented by Chestertown Lions Club’s President Rick Coffman and Lion Fred Sherriff at the club’s dinner meeting Oct. 9 to Niki Shajwani and Chikki Shajwani, co-owners of Molly’s Place in Kennedyville.

According to a news release, the award was presented for the generous support Molly’s Place provides each year by providing space at Molly’s to sell raffle tickets. The club sells approximately 4,500 tickets each year, with a large percentage of tickets sold at Molly’s.

The Chestertown Lions Club has sponsored the shotgun raffle now for more than seven years with raffle proceeds used to fund numerous events and projects in Kent County. Some of those projects are: food pantry; eyeglasses for those in need; free transportation for county residents to eye doctor appointments; scholarships for high school seniors; funding for the Leader Dog program; vision screening equipment in the elementary schools; Christmas Basket program; Halloween parade; Home Ports; Cub Scouts; and youth sports teams.

The raffle starts in early September and runs through December. This project keeps all club members busy on weekend mornings with ticket sales locations in addition to Molly’s Place at JBK Hardware and the farmers market in Chestertown and at the Mill in Kingstown, the release states.

The drawing for the raffle winners will be 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8 at the Blue Bird Tavern. There are two raffle winners each year: first place is a new $1,500 Browning A-5 shotgun or cash and a second prize of $300 in merchandise from Molly’s Place.

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