To the editor: It is early Sunday morning, Aug. 4, 2019. Yesterday families in El Paso Texas and Dayton, Ohio woke up and they had fathers, mothers, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. This morning, at least 30 of those families are grieving because they no longer have those fathers, mothers, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

So I have written to Congressman Andy Harris on this Sunday morning to ask him to do something to make sure other families, today, tomorrow, or the next day don’t have to begin grieving too.

Congressman Harris is an elected leader. We, his constituents, elected him to take on the many problems our country faces, propose solutions and enact laws that might begin to address them.

Today, not tomorrow, not the day after, he has to address the problem of gun violence in our country. He should support a ban assault weapons, demand background checks for every gun purchaser and work to improve mental health care. He also should support impeachment proceedings to replace a president who denigrates as “vermin” anyone whose heritage is different from his own and encourages violence against innocent people who are immigrants just as Congressman Harris's parents were.

In 1962, Bob Dylan asked a question that I am now asking Congressman Harris: “How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died”? Will 20 people and counting in El Paso do it? Another nine in Dayton? Three in Gilroy? Why didn’t 20 kids and six of their teachers in Newtown get the message across to him? Or 11 people in Pittsburgh? Seventeen in Parkland?

How many deaths will it take until our congressman knows that too many people have died, and he decides to use the power his constituents gave him to do something about it?

We’re waiting for an answer, Congressman Harris.

Linda Cades


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