Major construction in Centreville edges closer to completion

The replacement of Centreville’s Gravel Run Bridge is nearing the end of major construction. The town expects to restore its traffic patterns in a month or so.

CENTREVILLE — In Centreville, the replacement of the Gravel Run Bridge is nearing the end of major construction, and the contractor has completed the pour for the end post of the bridge.

The town will be switching the traffic on Liberty and Commerce streets back to the original pattern — hopefully in the upcoming weeks but likely by the end of October, county officials said.

While the State Highway Administration needs to approve the traffic-shift plan, this work is related to the town’s project and the town will manage the traffic shift, SHA liaison Robert Rager said.

The town’s contractor needs to finish its work near Gravel Run, and it is waiting on SHA to remove a concrete barrier that is in the way, Rager said. SHA will do this as soon as the end post concrete cures to an acceptable strength so that it can expose the posts/walls to traffic — a minimum of seven days from the concrete pour. Once SHA is out of the way, the town can complete its work and a traffic-shift date can be set.

With the town’s utility project contractor completing its work, the next stage will allow for landscaping.

Workers at Mill Stream are pouring the bridge abutments and building the forms for the bridge deck. The contractor’s schedule shows the deck pour being done in mid-September. Once the deck curing has taken place, the contractor will slide the bridge deck into place. Tentatively, that operation is scheduled for Oct. 18 to 20, but that date is for planning purposes only, Rager said. “We’re certainly aiming for mid-October, but there’s a lot of work to do, and schedules are always subject to change depending on progress, weather, etc.”

There is one more weekend closure left at Gravel Run and two more at Mill Stream, and those closure dates still are to be determined. As weather permits, SHA then will pave the road approaches.

Rager said once the town shifts Liberty and Commerce streets back to their original patterns, SHA will address a drainage pipe issue on Liberty Street near Lawyers Row. This is the “dip” in the road drivers have encountered for much of this year.

“We can’t address this until the traffic shift is completed, but it’s something we will tackle as soon as possible,” Rager said.

The paving of state Route 213 through Centreville on both Liberty and Commerce streets is scheduled for spring 2020 as soon as weather permits, county officials said.

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