To the editor: If you recently noticed a slight shiver in the continuum, it was the universe reacting to the passing of one of the greatest minds in American history.

Lyndon LaRouche, by far the most adept political economist since Alexander Hamilton, passed into eternity on Tuesday the 12th of February, 2019. He extolled the virtues of the American System of political economy decade after decade. His writings will influence thoughtful political economists for generations to come, and will therefore remain integral to the American experiment for years, perhaps centuries, to come.

He got the Gestapo treatment from British liberals in the swamp, compelled to do so by their British masters, and was prosecuted by Robert Swan Mueller III, who used tenuous evidence and extortion of witnesses to make his case. This is the same Robert Swan Mueller III who protected potential Saudi terrorists on behalf of George W. Bush and family.

Donald Trump openly promoted elements of the American System of Political economy in his campaign, and the system itself upon election. Hardly a surprise he has been targeted by the same swamp creatures, and their handlers in the British ruling class. And by nearly identical tactics.

The difference of course is that Donald Trump is the duly elected president of the United States. This marks the swamp creatures as traitors and their handlers in London as enemies of the state.

It remains to be seen if justice will be served and the American System of Hamilton, Lincoln and Lyndon Larouche prevails. If it does, that would be a living memorial the great mind that passed from us.

Joe Cope


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