One day in August the Kent County Public Library was anything but quiet as a bevy of boisterous toddlers danced and clapped at a Nursery Rhyme Rock Concert with Mr. Sam.

The concert was part of a rich array of 30 Summer Reading programs offered to more than 300 children in all three library branches (Chestertown, Galena and Rock Hall) organized to keep children ranging from toddlers to teenagers happily engaged in literary activities during the long summer months away from school.

The KCPL strives to be a hub where diverse segments of our community can come together around a shared love of learning.

A recent survey of Kent County residents confirmed that county residents are very satisfied with the programs, resources, facilities and professional services provided by the KCPL. A new strategic plan will position the library to evolve in response to changes in the information environment and the needs of residents of all ages.

Our library’s mission is “To promote a welcoming environment with a knowledgeable staff and access to information through responsive collections, services, and technologies.”

The library had more than 111,000 library visits and held 500 programs and classes during the most recent fiscal year. There were more than 15,000 desktop computers sessions and more than 46,000 sessions on personal devices using the KCPL’s high-speed Internet. These are remarkable numbers given Kent County’s population of 20,000.

A new program is the One Day University with talks by noted college professors from across the United States available through video.

If you haven’t been into the library lately, you will be pleasantly surprised at an attractive refurbishment completed during the past year, which included extensive changes to the children’s area and the addition of a new, glass-walled Wave Room featuring comfortable furniture, a video gaming system and collections aimed at teenagers. The room also provides a quiet space for individuals and small groups.

These renovations are part of Project 2020, which has been funded through the generosity of the KCPL Foundation, the Friends of the Library, the county and state. Next year there will be a renovation of the adult and reference areas and the addition of a small glass- enclosed conference room.

Other benefits to the community might be harder to see, but are no less valuable. Some of them might surprise you.

Did you know that:

• The KCPL’s Digital Library gives you access to download e-books, audiobooks, magazines and videos, online tutors for students from elementary school through college?

• You can request books from libraries around the state and beyond and have them delivered to the KCPL for free?

• The library provides a circulating board game collection for adults and children?

• You can borrow a laptop, a Chromebook or play on a PS4 ?

• The library has a substantial graphic novel collection for adults, teens and kids?

• The library offers technology appointments to assist users with their questions?

The library website ( is your starting point for a wealth of digital resources and information about programs and events

You can be a part of keeping our library excellent and innovative by serving on the KCPL Board of Trustees.

The board consists of seven members who are recommended by the current board for appointment by the county commissioners to five-year terms. Open board meetings are held monthly, on a date and time determined by the schedules of the members.

Applications for two open seats on the board next year are available on the KCPL website, or in print at the branch circulation desks and must be filed by Sept. 27. If you love libraries, the trustee selection committee would like to speak with you.

Submitted by the Kent County Public Library Board of Trustees.

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