The following building permit zoning certificates, sediment control permits and use permits were issued by the Kent County Planning Commission in June 2019.

First District

Mark and Carolyn Carwell: 96 ground-mounted solar panels, 27.84 kW; 14145 Cornus Court, Galena.

Delmarva Power and Light Co.: remove 280-square foot control house; Galena-Massey Road, Massey.

Delmarva Power and Light Co.: 611-square foot control house-electric substation; Galena-Massey Road, Massey.

ISE America Inc.: Southern States agronomy plant sign; 12211 Massey Road, Galena.

James Labrie: demolish house; 10578 Chesterville Forest Road, Millington.

Greg and Alice Moore: above-ground pool and deck with gate; 33834 Bradford Johnson Road, Galena.

Maurice Morton: add shed roof to existing detached garage; 32119 River Road, Millington.

Robert and Kathleen Osborn: 288-square foot run-in shed; 12518 Massey Road, Massey.

Keith and Pamela Vandegrift: after-the-fact demolition of pool; 14504 John Peel Road, Galena.

Keith and Pamela Vandegrift; 96-square foot shed; 14504 John Peel Road, Galena.

Second District

William and Maria Dwyer: 2,000-square foot agricultural pole building; 29590 Morgnec Road, Millington.

Andrew A. Holman et al: grain drying system; 12454 Locust Grove Road, Kennedyville.

John K. Lockwood: 384-square foot carport; 10321 Cherry Lane, Millington.

Wendy Wilson O'Brien: 2,941-square foot additions and 1,299-square foot renovations; 27491 Morgnec Road, Chestertown.

Wendy Wilson O'Brien: sediment control plan; 27491 Morgnec Road, Chestertown.

Mary Phipps: ground-mounted solar system 15.01 kW; 13279 Turners Creek Road, Kennedyville.

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