The following building permit zoning certificates, sediment control permits and use permits were issued by the Kent County Planning Commission in February 2019.

Fifth District

Charles M. Heinefield III and Elizabeth Trego: roof-mounted solar panels for house and pole building; 3900 Eastern Neck Road, Rock Hall.

Wesley Chapel Church: 25-square foot black and white plywood sign with seating area; 6065 Rock Hall Road, Rock Hall.

Sixth District

Kenneth Sr. and Linda Ervin: 286-square foot studio, 376-square foot deck and 247-square foot covered porch; 23550 Ricauds Branch Road, Chestertown.

Stuart and Deanna Ingis: new dormer, two new bathrooms and three new windows; 8719 Park Drive, Chestertown.

Seventh District

George and Lillian Anderson: handicap ramp; 7538 Poplar Ave., Chestertown.

David Barr and Donna Resue: remove walkway and fence, and fill in pool with soil; 7880 Chester Court, Chestertown.

Andrew Gillespie: demolish concrete slabs and shed; 8049 Quaker Neck Road, Chestertown.

Andrew Gillespie: driveway expansion and patio; 8049 Quaker Neck Road, Chestertown.

James and Deborah Peters: inground pool, decking and sidewalk; 6880 Pentridge Lane, Chestertown.

Robert Roth and Wendy Eckel: remodel existing bathroom; 25857 Collins Ave., Chestertown.

Jonathan and Barbara Slocum: after-the-fact demolition of shed, lean-to and truck box; 7643 Airy Hill Road, Chestertown.

Jonathan and Barbara Slocum: 26.5x30 garage and driveway extension; 7643 Airy Hill Road, Chestertown.

Lola and Cornel G Taylor: roof, kitchen and bath repair; 7579 Quaker Neck Road, Chestertown.

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