The following building permit zoning certificates, sediment control permits and use permits were issued by the Kent County Planning Commission in July 2019.

First District

Jennifer Caniglio: 120-square foot pergola over existing deck; 10190 Daisy Drive, Millington.

Jeff and Kathleen Chadick: metal roof for house and add shed roof at rear of house; 12035 Galena Road, Massey.

Brandon and Rebekah Cook: site preparation for single-family dwelling; 110 Laura Lane, Galena.

Monte Garrettson and Catherine Mae Alfree: roof-mounted solar panels for house, carport and barn; 13975 Mill Creek Lane, Galena.

Kenneth and Janet Hibbs: replace doors on garage; 86 Kent Mill Drive, Millington.

Mary Lou Hurtt and Margaret Hurtt: remove nine antennas and install six antennas and three remote radio units; 32762 Galena Sassafras Road, Galena

JK8 LLC: replace roof; 33445 Galena Sassafras Road, Galena.

Locust Hill Farms LLC: single-family dwelling; 31403 Lambson Forest Road, Galena.

Jeremy Rothwell: 784-square foot garage; 12069 Galena Road, Massey.

Second District

Nicholas and Marlo Coppage: demolish 8x10 shed; 11830 Augustine Herman Highway, Kennedyville.

Nicholas and Marlo Coppage: renovate breezeway, 120 square feet; 11830 Augustine Herman Highway, Kennedyville.

Joseph and Noreen Davis: demolish 1,650-square foot garage; 11385 Station Road, Worton.

Bonnie Hill: two grain tanks and concrete pad; 10953 Kennedyville Road, Kennedyville.

Hopkins Game Farm LLC: outdoor temporary recreational use for a Savage Race in September; 13003 Turners Creek Road, Kennedyville.

Knotts Landing LLC: replace fireplace insert; 29345 Glencoe Road, Kennedyville.

Sarah Jo Pomeroy and Linda B Giardinelli, c/o Linda Giardinelli: after-the-fact demolition of deck and steps-storm; 14078 Turners Point Road, Kennedyville.

Sarah Jo Pomeroy and Linda B Giardinelli, c/o Linda Giardinelli; new deck and steps; 14078 Turners Point Road, Kennedyville.

Amos and Harriet Rudderrow: install 49 roof-mounted solar panels; 13070 Rosedale Cannery Road, Still Pond.

Steven and Cynthia Shafer: replace floor framing; 13800 Turners Point Road, Kennedyville.

William Spry and Mallory McHenry: selection timber harvest; Wallis Brothers Road, Kennedyville.


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