KCHS principal reports school incident

Kent County High School interim principal Dale Brown is shown ushering freshmen to empty seats in the front rows of the auditorium Tuesday morning. On Wednesday evening, Brown sent out an email notification of a security threat on campus earlier that day.

WORTON — While details remain scarce, Kent County High School Principal Dale Brown issued an alert Tuesday evening regarding an incident that happened earlier in the day.

According to Brown's email sent at 7:13 p.m. via the school district's notification system, a man was removed from the high school and shortly thereafter taken into custody by Kent County sheriff's deputies after gaining access to the building.

"We received confidential information that a county employee, who is not assigned to KCHS, was placed on leave for exhibiting questionable behaviors. This employee displayed his county-issued identification badge and entered KCHS. He was immediately stopped and asked to exit the building," Brown wrote in his email.

Two sources have stated that the man in question was a school bus driver. So he would not be directly employed by the Kent County government. 

Brown said the school resource officer contacted the Kent County Sheriff's Office after being notified of the man's presence. Brown said deputies apprehended the man "within minutes after he left the property of KCHS."

Potential charges against the man include possession of a deadly weapon on school property, according to Brown's email. No charges against the man could be found at the time of this writing in the Maryland Judiciary's online records.

"Please be assured that the safety and welfare of our children, faculty and staff is our highest priority as we provide the best services available for our most valuable resource — children," Brown wrote.

He also asked that parents take this opportunity to talk to their children about the importance of school safety. He said he wants to encourage children to feel comfortable reporting "any information they may have that could potentially compromise their safety and the safety of others."

"Working cooperatively and collaboratively we can heighten the probability of maintaining a safe and orderly environment where all children are free to focus on learning," Brown wrote.

Brown said school staff takes threats to the safety and welfare of students very seriously. He said extensive security measures are in place to maintain a safe campus.

"The faculty, staff and administration of KCHS are committed in maintaining a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning for our children. We will always provide you with transparent, timely and accurate information as soon as we are permitted to share this sensitive information," Brown wrote.

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