Garnet Good Seeds Project is underway

Ron Brennian and Rob Glebe on Wednesday morning unload two benches to be placed at the entrance to H.H. Garnet Elementary School as part of the Chestertown Garden Club’s Good Seeds Garden Project. The benches of osage orange and stainless steel were created and donated by Glebe and Vicco von Voss. The centerpiece of the new brick entrance at Garnet is a compass rose, donated by Hoyle Stone.

CHESTERTOWN — The Chestertown Garden Club’s Good Seeds Garden Project is well underway.

“The utmost thanks go to Miles Bernard and Melissa Lodge at South Fork Studios for designing this gorgeous landscape and their willingness to be the project managers,” a news release states.

On June 6, students, garden club members, sponsors and community members gathered at the front of the elementary school to officially launch the H.H. Garnet Elementary School Good Seeds Garden Project.

To celebrate the project, third- and fifth-graders presented poetry they had written in class on the benefits of native landscape. Other grades shared advice for protecting the environment through music (even a song in American Sign Language) and short essays.

The ceremony ended with the students burying a biodegradable box in the ground with a scarlet oak tree filled with wishes for the garden.

Through the Good Seeds Project, H.H. Garnet Elementary School will receive a new landscape around the building that incorporates an outdoor learning space, rain garden, a pollinator garden and much more.

Through the generous donations, sponsors and grants the Good Seeds Garden will become a reality this fall, the news release states. Throughout the summer the Town of Chestertown, Hoyle Stone and Johnson’s Concrete collaborated to give students and teachers a grand entrance for the new school year.

During August, Unity Church Hill Nursery completed bed preparation, pathways, boulders and more. Bayside Irrigation also installed an irrigation system. A special thanks to these companies and to Dixon Valve for supporting the project infrastructure, the release states.

Benches have been placed near the entrance created, made and donated by Rob Glebe and Vicco von Voss, local artists.

“We’ll be able to install trees, shrubs, and colorful perennials, many donated by Bartlett Experts and Tideland Nursery, with students in October. We’re hoping most of the landscape will be completed in late fall,” the release states.

The Chestertown Garden Club members and community volunteers will assist students in planting perennials and smaller shrubs. Students will be able to do activities in the garden that align with the Maryland State Environmental Curriculum.

“Updates will come as this awesome community and child-centered native landscaping project progresses,” the release states.

The H.H. Garnet Elementary Good Seeds Project is still accepting donations. For more information, contact Carolyne Grotsky, chairperson, at 410-708-9683 or the Chestertown Garden Club at P.O. Box 415, Chestertown, MD 21620.

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