Early Files

June 5, 1869

• The Teacher’s Association of this county is endeavoring to increase the interest of its meetings by the introduction of addresses and discussions upon topics relating to education. Mr. W.F. Massey, schoolteacher, delivered an address before the Association on Saturday last, at the Court House. The subject was — “The Influence of Women upon the advancement of Human Knowledge.” The subject was discussed from a philosophical and practical standpoint, and the relations of the sexes to the questions of education very fully elucidated and explained.

June 7, 1919

• While Mr. Hillingham and family slumbered on Thursday night of last week some one entered his home and stole his best suit of clothes. The fellow went about his job in bold style, entering and departing with lighted lantern. Nearby neighbors saw him and thought it was Mr. Hillingham himself.

• The Get-together movement in the Democratic ranks in Kent is making rapid progress. The fact that there are no candidates for the 16 places on the local ticket should enable the party to prevent a primary and this will go far towards winning this Fall. The proposition as published in the News has not met with a dissenting voice as far as can be ascertained in either faction. Kent is a Democratic county and should elect the full Democratic ticket.

June 4, 1969

• Kent’s County Commissioners plan to protest the dumping of material, dredged in connection with the construction of the Baltimore outer tunnel, near Poole’s Island, off Kent County. The protest will be made at a June 10 hearing at 1 p.m. in the offices of the State Department of Water Resources, State Office Building, Annapolis. The Commissioners, feeling that by depositing the waste near Poole’s Island Kent’s shoreline would be disturbed by excess mud, and possibly fill the mouths of some of the creeks, asked Sanitarian Rollison McGinnis to make further study.

• The low best bid for Kent’s new county-wide high school, which is to be constructed at Worton and is expected to be ready for occupancy in September 1971, was $4,268,000 against a $4,300,000 estimate used by those interested in promoting the bond referendum to finance the new construction.

June 8, 1994

• Still reeling form the impending shutdown of two major employers, Chestertown has turned to the state for aid in reversing an economic tailspin. A task force of 12 from the Maryland Small Business Development Center planned to meet with town officials tomorrow. The meeting, scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. at Town Hall, will be thrown open to the public. Mayor Margo G. Bailey said the task force has been asked to focus on whether the closings reflect shortcomings on the part of the town and whether help can be made available to retrain at least some of the displaced workers.

• Another obstacle to redevelopment of the 400 block of Cannon Street has been hurdled by KRM Development. At the June 1 meeting of the Historic District Commission, the Chestertown firm was granted permission to demolish the existing brick building at 424 Cannon. It had served as the office and showroom for E.S. Adkins.

June 4, 2009

• Bold recommendations that run the gamut from freezing salaries and sending staff home for two days without pay to eliminating an assistant superintendent’s post were pulled off the table Monday when the board of education and school administrators agreed to take a detailed look at the budget. The issue is a projected $2 million shortfall between what the school district has asked for and what the county and state has allocated.

“Our nei• ghborhoods are being terrorized,” said Mayor Margo Bailey after residents flooded the town council meeting to protest street crime and disorderly youth. A Chronic Nuisance Property Ordinance is in the works to combat the outbreak, Bailey told the concerned residents, most of whom live in the vicinity of the 400 block of High Street. Complaints about two rental properties on that block, 423 and 425 High Street, have reached a crescendo in recent weeks.

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