Early Files

August 7, 1869

• To-day will occur the total eclipse of the sun, the only one since 1834 that has been visible in any extended portion of the country, and the last one that will be seen during the century. General Crawford of this town, having one of the finest and largest lenses in this country, has had the same placed in proper position, and made such arrangements as will enable him satisfactorily to observe the eclipse at this point.

• We have noticed of late numerous instances of fast and reckless driving through the streets of our town, and during the past week especially, persons (in most cases under the influence of the “ardent”) have often indulged in this dangerous practice. It is wonderful that no one has been seriously injured thereby. There is a town ordinance, we believe, prohibiting horses from being driven beyond a certain rate of speed in the public streets, and if persons will not allow their own better judgement to control them in this matter the officers should see that the law does.

August 16, 1919

• Washington College is now thoroughly co-educational. The Board of Visitors and Governors last Saturday night decided on this step and the Principal, Dr. Gould, will energetically carry out the action of the Board. Washington College is the only non-sectarian, co-educational college of liberal arts in Maryland and it is hoped to offer the women of Maryland as good educational advantages as has long been offered to men.

• The “harmony” conferences have resulted in much good to the Democratic party in Kent. They have proven the sincerity of the Democrats to get together and unite on a ticket that will win in the fall. There is no reason why this county should not be controlled by Democrats. We believe a ticket will be nominated that will command the support of all Democrats irrespective of former factional alliances.

August 6, 1969

• Kent’s County Commissioners yesterday decided to continue the fight to prevent the disposing of dredged material in the Pooles Island area despite the issuance of a Department of Water Resources permit to the State Roads Commission to dump their material dredged from the Baltimore Harbor for a new tunnel.

• A proposed dog ordinance for the town of Chestertown got its long-awaited hearing on Monday night as some twenty Chestertown residents appeared to be heard on the subject. Expressions of approval for the ordinance and its provisions were seen throughout the meeting, however, of its provisional meeting, however, one of its provisions drew out much comment and discussion, pro and con.

August 10, 1994

• Kent County has taken the wraps off a proposed comprehensive plan that places heavy emphasis on the environment, controlled growth and preservation of its farmland. The plan made its debut at a public hearing in Still Pond on Thursday, the first of four such sessions scheduled to be held before county planners and a citizen oversight panel sit down to fine-tune the proposal.

• Maryland’s highest court has upheld Chestertown’s right to demand that the owners of the Imperial Hotel remove paint applied without the proper permit. The ruling by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals last week is seen as strengthening the hand of the Chestertown Historic District Commission to regulate the exterior appearance of buildings in the district.

August 6, 2009

• Another High Street institution has come to its final days. Bramble’s Clothing and Jewelry, one of the town’s longest-standing businesses, is closing its doors at the end of September. The announcement came on the heels of the closing of the Carla Massoni Gallery and Andy Goddard’s departure from the bar bearing her name. But the closing of Bramble’s may be an ever greater shock to the local community. Rich Bramble has stood behind the counter of his store at 335 High St. for 28 years — a hometown kid who stayed here and became one of the town’s success stories.

• The Chester River Association wants to stop a private wastewater treatment plant on Bungay Creek, according to a July 15 e-mail from Executive Director Bob Parks on file in the county planning office. In 2007, Pennsylvania residents Price and Elizabeth Wilson received an MDE permit, under federal regulations, for an industrial wastewater plant for a house on waterfront land that will not perc.

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