Early Files

150 years ago

Nov. 6, 1869

• The election in this county Tuesday passed off quietly. But little interest was manifested, and a very small vote was polled. The registration of the county is 2,134, while there were but 1,379 votes cast for Comptroller.

• The Governors of nineteen States have designated the 18th instant as a day of thanksgiving and prayer. This is the day originally fixed by the President for national thanksgiving. The day will probably be observed in all states.

100 years ago

Nov. 8, 1919

• The stereotyped phrase "the election in Kent Tuesday passed off quietly" is true this year to an unusual degree. Indeed, if there was no other proof of the great advantage of a dry nation, Kent county's election could convince the most obstinate. Not a drop of rum or intoxicating liquor was to be seen nor a man under its influence. The polling places are now safe for ladies to frequent.   

50 years ago

Nov. 5, 1969

• The proposal of Gerald K. Bos to establish an airpark near Edesville this week drew the approval and endorsement of Frank G. Russell, president of Great Oak Lodge and Yacht Club which also maintains an air field.

• In executive session Monday night, Chestertown's Mayor and Council decided to submit the proposed new dog ordinance for the town to a referendum at the December 8 biennial election.

• First District Congressman Rogers C.B. Morton has appealed for support of President Nixon's search for peace in Vietnam.

25 years ago

Nov. 9, 1994

• Vowing to protect it as a conservation area, the state has agreed to buy one of the real estate prizes of Kent County — nearly 1,000 acres of prime shoreline and meadows along Turners Creek. An announcement from the Board of Public Works said the panel had signed off on a contract to pay a total cost of $4.73 million for 990-plus acres known as Bloomfield Farms.

• Kent County High School's field hockey team will make school history Saturday afternoon when it steps onto the grassy field at Goucher College. The Lady Trojans will be the first girls team from the county's only high school to play for a state championship. Looming ahead is topped-seeded and unbeaten Pocomoke. Pocomoke has not given up a game all season.  

10 years ago

Nov. 5, 2009

• Chestertown's trash collectors will no longer accept newspaper and cardboard, Mayor Margo Bailey announced at the council meeting Monday. The policy is meant to reduce tipping fee. Bailey said that recyclable paper and cardboard make up a substantial portion of the weight being delivered to the landfill.

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