Early Files

150 years ago

Dec. 4, 1869

• Long winter evenings are now at hand, and young men in the country should organize Debating Clubs and Literary Societies. If properly conducted they will improve the mind, and be a source of interest and amusement.

• The supply of pork this season it is said will not be equal to the demand, and consequently it is commanding good prices. We have heard of no sales for less than $10, and some as high as $13 in trade. 

100 years ago

Dec. 6, 1919

• W. Mack Reiche, sone of the late E.C. Reiche, writes a most interesting letter proving that his father, and not Charles W. Kennard, invented the Ouiji Board. Another witness in the person of Washington Bowie, former manager, secretary and treasurer of the Kennard Novelty Co., says: "The statement of Leonard K. Hirshberb that Charles W. Kennard was the inventor of the 'Ouija' board, is as incorrect as his mention of me as the late Colonel Bowie. E.C. Reiche was the inventor of the board now called 'Ouji,' and was paid for it in stock of the Kennard Novelty Company, Certificate No. 70, dated March 20 1891, signed by H. W. Rusk, president, and myself as treasurer. I still have the records."

• John Burris, of Quaker neck, while fox-hunting in Quaker neck last week, had the misfortune to lose his horse. Before Mr. Burris could return from a trip home for knives, someone had skinned the animal and carried off his hide.

• Cho-Cho the health clown will be in Chestertown, Thursday, December 11, in the interest of the Modern Health Crusade. He will give a performance in the Lyceum Theatre at 4:00 p.m. 

50 years ago

Dec. 3, 1969

• An optional program of sex education that would not begin until the fifth grade was proposed yesterday by the State Department of Education. The proposal was contained in a suggested set of standards and procedures for sex education drawn up by the department.

• Sgt. Howard E. Tiller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tiller of Worton, is now stationed in the Republic of Korea with the U.S. Armed Services. Prior to his present assignment, Sgt. Tiller had completed a tour of duty of Vietnam. He graduated from Garnett High School in 1964, and entered military service in 1966.

• Chesapeake Bay experts have announced that blue carbs are now more abundant than at any time since commercial crabbing started 90 years ago. After a 2-year scarcity, when prices for Maryland's favorite crustaceans rose to record highs, crab-eaters around the bay can expect to be paying less for large specimens by next summer.

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