Early Files

150 years ago

July 10, 1869

• The ninety-third anniversary of American Independence was celebrated in Chestertown on Monday, the 5th, by a military parade, the reading of the Declaration of Independence, and addresses by Hon. George Vickers and Gen. R. Clay Crawford, Company G, 13th Reg. M. N. G., Capt. E. F. Perkins, assembled at their armory at eight o'clock, and after marching through the principal streets of the town, proceeded to the College grounds, where several hours were spent in drilling.

• Wednesday, the 21st instant, is the day appointed for selecting tent ground, etc., for the camp meeting in Baker's woods, which commences on the 30th instant. All who propose to tent should be present on that day. 

100 years ago

July 12, 1919 

• That Kent and adjoining counties may soon have quick and easy access to points by way of a ferry across the bay from Rock Hall to Bay Shore, is the belief of a group of Marylanders who are working energetically to interest elected officials in the proposed new route. In the event a ferry is established between these two points, Kent county will be but six miles from the Western Shore. A ferry could make the trip in considerably less than an hour, and Bay Shore is only a short distance from Baltimore.

• Jos. M. Norris, of near Lynch, is no doubt the winner up to this time of the best record for wheat raised in Kent this year. He had 75 acres sowed from which he raised 1350 bushels. There were 15 acres of "Purple Straw" from which he threshed 26 bushels per acre. He attributes this excellent yield to lime.  

50 years ago

July 9, 1969

• Expressed sentiment at a public hearing Monday night was overwhelmingly against the rezoning of a portion of Kent County's sixth election district for an airfield and surrounding industrial area. Most of the objectors, and they far outnumbered proponents, appeared to be more in opposition to the possible industrialization of the 600-acre area between Bay Shore Road and Fairlee Creek than to the proposed airfield.

• Plans were discussed for a public hearing on a proposed Chestertown Dog Ordinance Monday night, as the Mayor and Council held its July meeting, at which the 1969-1970 budget was formally approved. Mayor Brooks was asked by the Council to begin advertisements for the public hearing on dogs and assured that copies of the proposed ordinance would be available at the town office for interested persons to obtain.

25 years ago

July 13, 1994

• The Army appears to have brushed off Kent County demands that it close an airfield at Aberdeen Proving Ground or move a nearby stockpile of deadly chemical weapons. The Board of Kent County Commissioners has told the command at Aberdeen that it is worried about the risk of a plane crashing into stored mustard agent — stockpiled just across the Bay from Kent's northern boundary. 

• In the aftermath of a crash that killed two teens, pressure has begun to build for an overpass at Kent County's most dangerous intersection. The drive for an overpass at the intersection of Routes 301 and 291 is being led by the Kent County Commissioners. 

10 years ago

July 9, 2009

• Summer's the time for sunburn and insect bites, or maybe a case of poison ivy for an unlucky hiker. Most people don't think much about the flu, once the weather turns warm. This year it's different. The H1N1 strain, also known as swine flu, isn't going away quietly. After its initial detection in Mexico, where it cut a deadly swath in May, the virus moved across the border to the U.S., which has now recorded nearly 34,000 confirmed cases of the new strain: the most of any country. 

• When Trooper 6, the Maryland State Police medevac helicopter, moves to the Easton airport, part of Kent County will lose speedy response. About two dozen people attended a Tuesday night public meeting at Chester River Hospital Center, which lasted almost 90 minutes. 

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