Early Files

150 years ago

August 14, 1869

• On Tuesday evening the horses attached to a peach wagon ran away, and were making their way through town at full speed. Numerous efforts were made to stop them, but to no effect, when a gentleman (Mr. J.K. Aldridge) with unusual presence of mind and courage, ran up behind the wagon, leaped in, got possession of the reins, and checked the horses instantly. The team belonged to Capt. Simon Wickes. 

• An attempt was made at the Chesterville camp to prohibit the old established and innocent custom of promenading. The intemperate language used by one of the ministers in promulgating the order gave offense to those in the habit of indulging in that innocent pastime, and was condemned not only by the tent-holders, but by some of the clergy as well. The consequence was that the camp ground was nearly deserted for several days, and it was deemed prudent to modify or revoke the order.  

100 years ago

August 16, 1919 

• Perhaps in no other thing is Uncle Sam more interested than in the future of America in the citizens of tomorrow — the children of today — and he consequently realizes the tremendous importance of inculcating in the minds of the children the principles of thrift and enkindling in their hearts a desire to improve their condition in life. With these things in view the government is suggesting ways whereby a higher education may be had by many boys and girls who otherwise would never receive the benefits of a college course. 

• A fleet consisting of seven sailing yachts and 20 cruisers of the Riverside Yacht Club, Philadelphia, reached Annapolis Monday afternoon. They will leave Wednesday after a visit to the Naval Academy, for Round Bay. Capt. William O'Donnell, of the committee boat Acushia, is in charge. 

50 years ago

August 13, 1969

• Damage estimated as high as $50,000 was caused at the Chestertown A&P Market Saturday-Sunday when a rainfall of 3½ inches hit the area over a period of several hours. Water, running off surrounding and higher property, filled the basement store room of the building to the depth of 50 inches — more than four feet. 

• An all-out welcome for some 65 newcomers this year to the Kent school system is being planned for Tuesday, August 26, by the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Committee of the Kent County Council of the Parent-Teacher Associates. Features will include a bus tour of interesting spots in the county concluding with a Fish Fry at the Sgt. Preston Ashley American Legion Post in Rock Hall. 

25 years ago

August 17, 1994

• Residential-only parking districts are about to become a fixture of downtown Chestertown. Mayor and council earlier this month adopted an amendment to its Vehicles and Traffic Ordinance that makes it illegal for owners of commercial property, employers and employees of the downtown commercial district to park on either side of the 100 block of High Street and the west side of the 100 blocks of Queen Street from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. This does not apply to patrons of the private Chestertown Library, situated at the corner of High Street and Queen Street. 

• Candidates for Kent County Sheriff are slated to appear in a September 8 forum sponsored by the Jaycees and League of Women Voters. The forum will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Kent County High School auditorium. All five candidates have been invited: incumbent William T. Bright, Lee Clough and Ronald Howell as Democratic hopefuls and two Republican challengers, John F. Price, IV and Mauritz Stetson. 

10 years ago

August 13, 2009

• To hear Frank Kratovil describe it, last week's town hall-style meeting here was business as usual. "It's nothing new," he said as he greeted the crowd. "We've been doing these since January," to hear directly from 1st District constituents on problems, large and small. Last Friday, the ever-noisier national healthcare debate brought more than 150 people to Rock Hall's small municipal auditorium, and the conversation focused almost exclusively on health care and insurance reform. 

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